Some Flowers on Canvas Paintings Loved By Our Community

Moving to a new place or changing up your current decoration is always exciting. It gives you the chance to try something new and possibilities for new beginnings. Especially empty walls have the potential to showcase your identity and your unique tastes. No matter if you’re looking for art that fits a smalls space or something that elevates your home: There’s the right print for any style or theme.

One way to bring allure to your home is to be inspired by nature. Nature paints the world in the most beautiful colors. Add some of these colors to your living room, bedroom or kitchen with flowers on canvas paintings. From simplistic flower prints over interpretations of famous artists to more abstract designs, the choices are endless. You can celebrate any season of the year with a beautiful print of flowers. We searched the web for the most stunning flower art pieces and compiled them in this blog article.

Sunset Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Flowers symbolize happiness, joy, and beauty. They’re in harmony with the rest of this world and remind us to take a moment to smell the flowers on the side of the road. This “Sunset” canvas print, showcases beautiful yellow-orange colored flowers. The light colors are in contrast to the neutral teal-colored background. It has almost a rustic feel to it that would look great in a modern living room.

Summer Floral V – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a more abstract version of a flower print, than this colorful canvas entitled “Summer Floral V” could be the right fit. The background is created from the different toned green leaves of the flowers. In the foreground are different kinds of colorful flowers. It’s a modern take of an otherwise straight forward theme. The oranges blues, reds, and yellows would be an elegant pop of color to an otherwise minimalistic designed room.

Water Lilies, 1916 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

No article about floral prints would be complete without the master of water lilies paintings: Claude Monet. Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter. He expressed beautifully how the experiences nature in his many oil paintings of nature. One of his favorite scenes where the water lilies in his flower garden. This canvas invites to dream, to relax and to ponder about the artistry of nature.

White Geraniums – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Some interior styles, like minimalistic and simplistic homes, need more subtle prints. This canvas print called “White Geraniums”. shows as the title suggests, wite geraniums. The painting is an elegant symbiosis of soft-toned white browns and greens. The print has a very calming effect and suggests to stop for a second to breathe. These flowers are a soothing addition to our otherwise often hectic lives.

Anemones By The Lake I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A more expressive example of flowers on canvas paintings is this print with the title “Anemones By The Lake I “. While many prints choose a more neutral-toned background, this print is especially stunning due to its blue-toned base. The focus is on the white Anemones. The outlines aren’t completely defined and therefore crates a flowy connection to the background. You can easily imagine a lake where this scene originated from.

Bouqet Of Happiness – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Flowers are associated with positivity. When you receive a bouquet of flowers, you can’t help yourself but smile. This print, called “Bouqet of Happiness” represents this feeling. The background is created with thick colorful brush strokes of yellows, reds, and blues. the top is a bit darker and the bottom. The bouquet consists of vivid blue and white flowers. The painting is simply an explosion of beauty and happiness.

Iridescent Bloom I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Another symbol of flowers is purity. This canvas print is an example, that there’s a floral canvas for any kind of home. If you’re searching for a more simplistic and minimalistic canvas print, then this entry is a perfect choice. It shows a close up of a white flower. The flower is painted in different white tones with its center is a soft mix of purples and oranges.

Indigo Flowers I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A more modern and abstract example is this “Indigo Flowers I” canvas print. It’s created on a black background. The black is a nice choice to make the flowers pop more. The flowers, which are portrayed at different heights and sizes, are painted in different blues and whites. This would look very elegant on a white wall in a modern designed apartment or house. It will definitely draw the attention of anyone who visits your home.

Floral Jubilee I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

In case you’re looking for a color burst, that reminds us how extraordinary nature is, this Floral Jubilee I, might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a vertical canvas print and is designed to look like watercolors. The background is made out of different hues of blues and purples. The main focus is on a colorful bouquet of red, purple and yellow flowers. It’s a very vibrant print which is intensified by the splashes of color on top of the canvas.

Cherry Blossoms I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The last canvas print, entitled “Cherry Blossoms I” takes us back to the graceful, calm and healing properties of flowers. This canvas print shows white cherry blossoms on a light grey colored background. It’s a simplistic and neutral-toned print that adds points of interests with gold-colored accents. Sometimes less is more and this piece of art is a good example of this philosophy. You don’t necessarily need a painting that is too loud to tie your home together beautifully.

Nature has been and still is the best artist. We find so much inspiration in nature. Show your appreciation for this world’s beauty by adding chic flowers on canvas paintings to your home. Flower prints look great in any room and are not just restricted to a bedroom or living room. There are also prints for any style. No matter if you designed your home in a rustic, minimalistic or modern theme.

Where Can I Find Jobs For Artists?

Some of us have a natural artistic ability, many more of us do not. Those that do possess skills as an illustrator, animator, graphic artists, sculptor, painter or photographer often don’t know how to market their skills or find a job that enables them to use their skills. The goal of this article is to help you find work as a professional artist and to provide you with resources that may empower you to find new income streams through the sale of your original works.

There are many ways to find a job as an artist, the problem is, most people don’t know where to go to actually get paid for their amazing work.

How to Find a Job as an Artist:

One of the easiest routes to make a living as an artist is obtaining a degree in art and to go on to be an art teacher. Others may have a more difficult time.

If you’re asking yourself “Where can I find jobs for artists ?” here are some places to find jobs for artists:

Local Businesses

Many local businesses understand the need for visual marketing. This could mean anything from helping to design business cards, creating a logo, website illustrations to helping them craft advertising collateral to elevate their business. Many business owners don’t understand how much an artist can help their business until they see the finished product and discover new and different ways the artwork can help them market their business.


Publishers often need illustrators to create the artwork for their writers’ works as it is extremely rare that a writer illustrates their own books. Often these can be remote jobs for artists with the artwork created in the artist’s studio and sent to the publisher via dropbox or other software programs. Jobs working for a publishing company may include the development of cover artwork or a full array of illustrations on the front and back covers as well as inside illustrations.

Children’s Books Illustrations

children's book illustrator - a way to find a job for artists

Can you imagine “Where The Wild Things Are?” without the captivating illustrations? There is almost always a need for children’s books illustrators since most writers only craft the stories. With children’s books, the illustrations are what keeps the child’s attention, so it is critical to have visuals to go along with the copy. Typically, children’s book illustrators use soft, simple visuals for the very young and the images get increasingly more complex as the reader becomes more mature. In any case, there is an ongoing need for great artists within the children’s book marketplace.

TV Networks and the Broadcasting Industry

There is always a need for artists at TV networks and in broadcasting. Often news stories don’t have the right visual and something needs to be created to go along with the story. There is a wide array of jobs in this industry for not just illustrators but also photographers—who need to be on the scene to capture breaking news as well as musical artists to create background music to accompany TV shows.

Online Jobs for Artists

There are also many online jobs for artists and websites that list current jobs that are available on a project or freelance basis. Many artists find that they can make a very good living by being a freelance artist, graphic designer or photographer by accepting freelance jobs online.

Once an artist gets their work out there, they often begin getting referrals from happy customers. This can lead to a constant flow of projects from their cadre of clients.

Many online job sites will often ask the designer to post some of their work so prospective clients can review the artist’s style to determine if it is a good fit for their project.

Online job sites work with companies or individuals that need original artwork created. They will create an overview of what the job will entail and post a deadline. Artists can then review the criteria and accept jobs based on their particular skill set.

Some of the jobs for artists are posted on the following sites:

Art Wanted
99 Designs

Tried those already? Here are another 100 places for artist and designer jobs.

99 designs - site to find jobs for artists

With online jobs, the sites that you choose to work for will often critique your artwork as will the client after they have received the finished product. The better work you create, the higher your score and the more jobs you will receive. That said, it is critical that you post your best work to garner the highest score possible.

Marketing Firms

Good artists are always in demand in the advertising and public relations field. The importance of marketing is to get your product, service, and company in front of its’ target audience. This is done through advertising and public relations campaigns which rely on artwork to visually stimulate the intended audience.

Artists are often needed to develop a logo, help create a brand identity, design visuals for Web sites as well as create collateral material, direct mail pieces, and advertisements.

Marketing firms often have in-house artists on staff but may also use freelancers for special projects.

This is certainly a very good option for artists as when good work is created, it may lead to an ongoing stream of work and revenue.


Some people are born networkers, and some are not! Networking is a great way to get your name out and highlight your work. Each community, no matter how big or small have networking groups.

These may include:
Local Chambers of Commerce: These groups are typically made up of local business owners that get together to share information. They often bring in guest speakers and offer mentoring opportunities for new members.
Business Organizations: There are many types of business organizations such as the American Marketing Association, SCORE, National Association for Women Business Owners and many, many more. You can search online for a group that may fit with your skills or those that may have a need for creatives.
Local Non-Profit Organizations: While you may not realize it, giving back to the community and donating your time may introduce you to like-minded business owners that need your services.
Rotary Club International: A Rotary Club isn’t a business group but focuses on community service and leadership development. It can differ based on each community, but many local leaders say they gained their success as a small business owner based on their time spent being a member of the local Rotary. Again, it can introduce a new group to your skillset and perhaps result in some jobs.

Don’t Give Up:

If you’re an artist looking to gain work and elevate your income and wonder “Where can I find jobs for artists ?” get out there and meet people, go online to find jobs that fit your skillset and explore opportunities with publishing houses, TV networks and the local business community around you. All these segments need artwork of some type and you may be just the person they’re looking for.

Where Can I Sell My Own Art?

So you have already done the easy part and created some nice pieces of art. Now comes the hard part. The question is where can I sell my own art?

Truth is, there are many places to sell your art; both online and off and some pay more than others but also may have more competitors too. However, you don’t have to limit marketing your art at one or two places; rather you can make it available at a variety of places to improve your chances of selling.

Most artists ask the same question, “Where Can I Sell My Own Art?” you will find the answers to this and more below.

1. Etsy

Etsy - Sell your handmade art

Etsy is one of the most popular sales platforms online, where you can sell your artwork and other creations. Things sold on Etsy include photographs, paintings, sculptures, and more. Some artists sell paintings for $20 where others may charge $1000 for their artwork. You can even make money by doing custom art on demand, where clients can let you know what they want and you can create it for them.

They are a globally unique and creative goods marketplace and home to a special universe of extraordinary items, from handcrafted unique pieces to vintage treasures. Etsy will help turn your ideas into a successful online business connecting you with not thousands, but millions of online buyers who seek something different to buy.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr - Become a freelancer artist

Fiverr has gotten more and more popular over the years, but don’t let the five fool you. People sell their work for much more than that if they want to and so can you. This seller should definitely be included in the places you make your artwork available online since it is among the more popular sites that many will go to when they want to purchase things like paintings, book covers, digital art, custom photographs, or other artwork.

You can sell your artwork with confidence on Fiverr as they offer payment protection that’s guaranteed, there are no hourly rates, you charge a fixed price for your work, and support is always available to answer your questions 24/7.

3. Zazzle

Zazzle sell your art

Zazzle is a great way to earn money by selling your artwork and other creations. Here you can have your very own artistic presence by opening your own store to sell your artwork online. Showcase your designs, share your profile, and build an online community of followers. You can interact with fans of your artwork, store unlimited designs, and sell whatever artwork you desire as well as set up your own store absolutely free with no strings attached.

Your imagination is at your fingertips with Zazzle. They give you the power and the tools to create anything you can imagine. Here you will find designers showcasing customizable products and other artists selling their artwork.

4. Artfinder

Artfinder - a site to sell your own art

This site is more focused on fine-art rather than commercial art. In order for you to sell your artwork here, you will have to go through an application approval process where you will be asked to submit photographs of your work to be reviewed, as well as answer some questions about yourself. Because the application process is much more thorough here than the other sites, you will have less competition and probably earn more profits.

There is a community of worldwide artists selling on Artfinder. Reach an audience of buyers across the globe while you control your store and prices, get performance stats, exclusive benefits, all the tools required to grow your business, and dedicated support absolutely free.

5. Saatchi Art

Saatchi - a platform to sell your own art

This online service is similar to the Artfinder program where you will be able to target clients who are in the market for fine arts, but the process of joining is not as difficult. Not only do they give you your own custom shop absolutely free, but they also pay the shipping fees for your orders. They only take a 30 percent commission from your sales and you keep the rest. Saatchi Art is a great choice for those looking to earn high dollar for their high-end artwork.

You choose when and how you prefer to be paid and they have support specialists who ensure that you are financially protected on your sales. Some of the payment methods they use are wire transfers, check, or PayPal. Joining and selling your stuff is free, they pay for your shipping on sales, and only collect 35 percent of your sales, you get the other 65 percent.

Other places to sell your art:

Farmers Market

Sell your art on local farmers marke

Your local farmers market could be a great and cost-effective way to share your art. Check what a stand would cost and get some feedback from potential customers in your neighborhood. A farmers market can help to get the word out.

Local Galleries

Try to sell your own art at galleries
Long narrow painting in an art exhibition

Ask local galleries in your area if it would be possible to showcase your artwork. Some might still have room for some new entries and would be happy to carry a local artist. This would give you the support and approval stamp from a gallery and expose your art to many people that enjoy and appreciate the arts.

Local Shops

Local shops to sell your own art

There might be a shop in your neighborhood that sells decor and handmade items like jewelry. Browse the catalog of local shops and ask the shop’s manager if it would be possible to include some of your art pieces in their inventory. Their current foot traffic might be your next sale.

Local Coffee Shops

Sell your own art at coffee shops

Some coffee shops offer to showcase your art. While others grab their morning bagel and coffee, they can see your art. Most of the times you already add a price for each of your pieces so customers can purchase it right away at the coffee shop.

Your Own Website

Sell your own art on your own website

The number one place to sell your art is on your own website. There are many low-cost website hosts that give you all the tools you will need to create your very own online gallery and store where you can publish your pieces of art and make them available for others to purchase.

Bluehost, WordPress, and Shopify are just some of the numerous website hosting services that are available to create your own website and showcase your art. The best thing about these sites are, you don’t even have to know how to code to set up your website as many have drag and drop programs that are fast and easy to use.

In Conclusion

You can sell art online at the places listed above, which are just a small fraction of the numerous places that are available for artists to sell their own art. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the places that you can sell your artwork, therefore, you should make your artwork available on as many different platforms as you can since this is a very effective strategy that makes sense as if one marketplace doesn’t locate buyers, another might. Exposure is what you will need when just starting out. Getting your name out there not only help get you known, but also helps you to gain a fan base of followers who will seek out your work.

How Can I Learn To Draw?

Did you know that everyone has some form of artistic or creative ability? Yes, even you! We all have books that we haven’t yet written within us, award-winning screenplays or possibly even the next Grammy-winning song. We are all brilliant artists who probably just haven’t tapped into our true nature just yet.

Are you wanting to learn the answer to the question of how can I learn to draw? Even if you aren’t that great of a drawer or artist you can take the steps in learning how to draw better. Anyone can learn how to draw. You just have to be willing to love yourself through the process and don’t become your own worst critic, which we all are. We hold ourselves back from writing the book, screenplay, song or making that incredible comic book or graphic novel.

This article is all about getting the tools to get on the path to exploring your creative side. You will learn places that will help you to not only grow as an artist but to also have a deeper appreciation for art and especially your own artistic works. You will learn about the sketching and drawing process and grow in not only your talent, creativity but also your confidence. Here are several different options to get you started on your art journey.

Drawing Instructional Book Recommendations

How to Draw People: Step-by-Step Lessons for Figures and Poses by Jeff Mellem

How to draw people stet by step lessons for figures and people

This is a perfect book to help someone to get a deeper understanding of drawing the human figure. Each body is so unique and having the ability to know how to sketch and draw people will give you a better understanding of how to draw almost anything. This book will help you to “level up” with each chapter and to progress as you work your way through the book. Jeff Mellem is an author and an artist/illustrator. You can purchase this book in both paperback and the Kindle format.

You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less by Mark Kistler

 can draw in 30 days the fun way to learn to draw in one month or less

This is a book that will take you through a process of learning to go from stick figures to drawing true pictures that people can tell what the picture is showing. You can become a person who does great drawings in just 20 minutes a day for the span of a month. Mark Kistler is an author, teacher, Emmy Award-winning television personality and a bestselling author/illustrator. This book will help you to learn drawing with easy step-by-step instructions for drawing buildings, nature and human anatomy. This book can be purchased in both paperback and Kindle form.

The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets: Easy Techniques for drawing people, animals, flowers and nature by Carrie Stuart Parks and Rick Parks

The Big Book of Realistic Drawing Secrets: Easy Techniques for drawing people, animals, flowers and nature

This book is meant to be a reference and guide book for anyone who is hoping to take their drawing to the next level. This drawing guide is written by Carrie Stuart Parks, who is an award-winning author, artist, and teacher and Rick Parks who is also an artist and teacher. The Parks teach Forensic Art courses around the nation, which lets you know that they have a deep understanding of the human body and the world around it. You will get step-by-step instructions in over 40 different drawing lessons on how to draw people, nature, and animals. They will help you learn to give your drawings textures like fur and metal and they will help you to show off your personality in your art. You can purchase this book in both paperback and Kindle.

Drawing Instructional Youtube Channels

Farjana Drawing Academy

Farjana Drawing Academy YouTube Channel to learn how to draw

This Youtube channel has 2,152,968 subscribers and even more views. The videos on this channel allow it’s users/viewers to see the sped-up version of a picture in all of its glory and you get to see the step-by-step learning process in both pencil and color. The drawing tutorials showcase everything from drawings for kids who are learning to draw, to realistic people with movement and emotions, to anime/manga drawings, animals, scenes of people in nature and many other pieces to draw.


RapidFireArt Learn How to Draw Realistically

Darlene is someone who believes that anyone can learn how to draw. So even the most novice drawer or someone who drew a picture and people think a child drew it can learn how to draw better! She even has a free online course for people who are Brand New to drawing. On this channel, you can learn all about shading and how it makes a face have dimensions. You will also learn about making subjects and look realistic and how to give people emotions.

Dan Beardshaw

YouTube Channel learn How to Draw a Head

This Youtube channel is all about the learning how to draw with different step by step tutorials. The interesting thing about this channel is that the guy who runs it is all about teaching his audience to take a step further with perspective drawing, learning about depth so you feel like you are being drawn into a scene and how to make 3d like images. You can also learn about drawing anatomy, making realistic pictures and how to draw the scenery. A bonus, this guy doesn’t take himself too seriously so you should have fun watching him.

Drawing Instructional Online Courses

You Can Draw Anything! In 3 Simple Steps Created by: Yasmina

You Can Draw Anything Course on Skillcrush

This course helps you to draw in 3 easy steps. Yasmina believes that anyone can draw as long as they have the concept of being able to draw circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles. This course is done through 8 different lessons and you can get a free trial of the course. You will learn to take simple shapes that we all know how to draw and to add details to those shapes that then form bit by bit into amazing pictures. This course will help you to learn how to draw faces, animals and also how to calm your anxieties and ease into your natural artistic creativity.

The Ultimate Drawing Course – Beginner to Advanced
Created by: Jaysen Batchelor and Quinton Batchelor

The Ultimate drawing course beginner to advanced
The Ultimate Drawing Course on Udemy

This course has 286,010 students enrolled who are all learning how to draw faces, how to take what’s in their imagination and turn it into a picture, how to use perspective, how to properly use light and shadow and the students are given a deeper understanding of art in general. In this course you will receive 11 hours of on-demand videos, 5 articles, 4 downloadable resources, full lifetime access to the course, you can access it on mobile and TV and you will receive a Certificate of Completion.

How to Draw From Beginner to Master Created by: Joseph Patric Daniels

How to draw from beginner to master
How To Draw From beginner to Master Course on Udemy

To take this course you don’t need any previous drawing experience, so if a chicken looks just like a car when you are playing Pictionary, you are OK! In this course, you’ll learn techniques that the instructor adapted from historical legends in the art and creation field. You will learn how to draw portraits from scratch, learn how to draw hair, how to give this texture and depth, plus how to simplify a subject to make it easier to draw. This course includes 8 hours of on-demand videos, 19 downloadable resources, you’ll get full lifetime access to the course, you can access the course on mobile and TV, plus you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion.

No matter what your drawing abilities are you can always learn to have a deeper understanding of drawing and grow your artistic abilities. If you’ve always wondered how can I learn to draw or where can I learn to draw you don’t have to look any further. There are so many resources that are available to you or anyone that wants to not only draw better but use learn depth, shading, perspective and human anatomy. I hope that this list is just the beginning of your drawing journey.

Unique Oversized Art For Your Walls

Are you having difficulty finding the right art for an impossibly big blank wall? Choosing the right piece of art to make your home look together can be tricky. It gets even more difficult if you need wall art that doesn’t look ridiculous in comparison to a large empty wall. In order to make this task easier, our art curators went out to find the best oversized art for walls.

Choosing an oversized canvas has a couple of advantages. It will make your wall look filled up. The art will look more intentionally and as if this canvas was meant to be hung on the wall right from the start. It’s also a great eye-catcher. For this list, we chose art prints in different art styles as well as prints of famous artists that already stood the test of time.

World Map Indigo – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The world is a big place and you need a large canvas to do it justice. This wold map is printed on a rustic looking neutral background. The map itself is printed ina beautiful indigo. It’s a great neutral canvas that would look beautiful in any modern, rustic or mid-century home. This oversized art print is the perfect fit for anyone that is longing to travel the world and it reminds of opportunities and freedom.

The Starry Night – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

One classic art piece that most people will recognize right away is “The Starry Night” from Van Gough. Bring a piece of the New York museum of modern art to your home with this iconic print. It’s created with short brush strokes to create a vibrant night sky above a little village. The blues and yellows are striking and would add an exquisite pop of color to an otherwise simplistic designed home.

Hush – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a very refined large canvas, then this print entitled “Hush” is the right one. The background is created with soft greys. A dynamic stroke of purple makes its way from one side of the canvas to the other. The color spreads softly to other parts of the print and creates a beautiful sense of movement. This print expresses elegance and intricacy. It would be a great choice for a modern and contemporary living room or bedroom.

The Great Wave at Kanagawa, 1829 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Another iconic entry in this list is “The Great Wave at Kanagawa” originally designed by Hokusai. It shows a large wave breaching on a stormy ocean over fishermen boats. It also shows a Mount Fuji in the background. The painting manages to find beauty in an otherwise dangerous scenario. The blue and white colors are a beautiful contrast to the neutral colored sky. Adding this large canvas to your home elevates your living room instantly.

Nighthawks, 1942 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper is another very popular painting and an elegant choice for an urban and modern living room or bedroom. It showcases a scene at a diner late at night. The viewer spectates through the window of the diner. The urban structures of other buildings are also visible. The painting was originally created in oil and would be a sophisticated choice for a large empty wall.

The Garden of Earthly Delights 1504 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” is a lot of things. Simplistic or minimalistic however is not one of them. This is a print of the oil painting created by Hieronymus Bosch. You can find a lot of symbolism in this oversized art for walls and it leaves much room for interpretations. The painting examines the problem of earthly temptations. If you’re looking for a painting that will hold your attention and that offers much to explore, then this canvas is right for you.

The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum
Source: iCanvas

Many large canvases are created to fit on horizontal walls. But what if you’re actually looking for a print that fills up a high vertical wall? In this case, this oversized canvas is a good choice. It’s another print of the famous Van Gogh: “The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum”. It showcases an evening scene in the French town of Arles. This canvas would be a tasteful and colorful addition to any modern home.

Two Step – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking to add a lot of color to an otherwise plain wall, then “Two Step” would be the right large canvas. The print has a white background. You can see the black silhouette of a couple and a dog under an umbrella. Instead of ordinary rain, it looks like colorful drops of water are falling from the skies. The color runs from the top to bottom of the canvas and creates a beautiful atmospheric rainbow. This print plays with the contrast between black and color and creates an climatic design.

Underwater Dream VI – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

In some cases, you don’t want a horizontal or a vertical canvas. Maybe you actually need an oversized square art print. If so, this “Underwater Dream VI” might be the right fit. This canvas has a neutral light grey background but it is anything but ordinary. It shows a large octopus in navy blue. Its tentacles and details are created in golden colors. The painting is truly spectacular and would be the right fit for a beachfront or nautical inspired home.

Shakin’ Jake – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Who doesn’t like dogs? Dogs are loyal and always cheerful. Their joy is thoroughly expressed in this large canvas print entitled “Shakin’ Jake”. The background is very colorful and even though most of it is created with just small brush strokes and no shapes, it gives a sense of space. It shows a golden retriever or a labrador retriever shaking off water. Its movement is expressed by the paint shooting across the canvas. This print is a stunning use of color and a gorgeous print for any living room.

Filling up a big empty blank wall can seem daunting. You want to find something that doesn’t seem out of place and that doesn’t get lost on the wall. Oversized art for walls is an excellent choice to not only tie your home together but also to showcase your identity and taste. Choose between modern, fun or abstract canvases. You can also pay tribute to some of the most famous artists of all time by selecting an iconic print. Don’t let large walls scare you. Instead, use it as a canvas of your own creativity.

The Best Wine Art on Canvas Works

Changing up your wall art is a great, inexpensive and easy way to give your home a new vibe. We often think and search for the right art for our bedrooms and living rooms but one underserved room of the home is the kitchen. For many, it’s more than a place to just get the food done quickly and with many modern open-floor plans it’s without a doubt a major part of the home. One idea to add some elegance to the kitchen is to put up wine art on canvas to remind ourselves to relax and pause from time to time.

Wine has often the connotation of socializing, friendships and happiness. It tastes best when shared with a friend or after a long hard day. Wine definitely found its way in many homes some why not celebrate one the most popular beverages with a beautiful art print? You can find wine art in many styles like photography or in oil painting appearance. We searched the web for the most beautiful and elegant wine art and summarized them in this list.

Wine Sentiment VII – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“Wine Not Have Another?” is a very valid question, as this wine art on canvas asks. This print is simplistic and reminds us not to take life too seriously. The art print is mostly white with a golden bottle and wine glass on the left side and bold black lettering. It invites us to extend the evening and to celebrate the little things with a good friend. This wine print would look beautiful in a modern and minimalistic designed home.

Evening in Paris – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

One city that comes to mind when thinking about good wine is Paris. This wine print entitled “Evening in Paris” takes us directly to the city of love. Paris is full of beauty and elegance and so is this art print. It’s created in neutral tones and pops of red for the wine. Cursive and bold french lettering and words are overexposed on this modern art print. It would not only look great in a kitchen but would also be a good choice for a chic bar.

Wine & Cheese – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for sophisticated wine art on canvas then this print titled “Wine & Cheese” is the right one. The photograph shows as the title suggests three bottles of wine, 4 different kinds of cheese, fruits like grapes and pears as well as bread. It tempts us to take an evening off and to indulge some good European food and wine. Thie photography is in color and would be a great addition to classic Victorian-styled home.

Wine Selection II – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

For some homes, a more subtle wine print would be a better fit. This “Wine Selection II” canvas consists of just three colors: Black, light gray and a light beige. It shows the top parts of a wine bottle and two wine glasses as well as a corkscrew. The painting has a rustic feel to it. It’s a delicate way to showcase your love for wine without taking the attention away from other pieces of your home.

Tuscan Evening Wine – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A kitchen is a place where friends come together. It’s were sharing and joy starts. This painting called “Tuscan Evening Wine” expresses this notion. It’s a painting and shows a table filled with red wine, grapes, baguette, bread, and cheeses. This wine art on canvas is a good choice for a kitchen where friends gather or a rustic-inspired bar. It also reminds us to pick up another bottle of good Italian wine.

Vino Marsala – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re a wine connoisseur and wine collector, you know no two wines are the same. There’s something elevated and special about a freshly opened bottle of wine. A beautiful addition to your collection would be this muted wine print titled “Vino Marsala”. It shows seven bottles of wine on a gray-brown background. It has a feeling of an oil painting and brings some elegance to your home.

Vin O’Clock – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“Vin O’Clock” is a modern take on a wine print. This canvas has a neutral background with black outlined wine glasses. The focus is on a hand opening a bottle of wine. Only the black outline of the hands and bottle are visible. The style has a 19th-century flair while the way the design is printed feels very modern. A pop of color is added with light aqua strokes of color. This print is a good choice for a mid-century or modern kitchen.

Splendid Reds – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Everyone knows the feeling of entering a wine store and being amazed by the vast quantity of wine bottles from around the world. All these different origins, tastes, and combinations inspire for exploration. Carry this feeling of endless aroma home with this canvas print titled “Splendid Reds”. It shows a painting of several bottles of red wine placed needly next to each other on a reflective white shelf. The painting is not only striking because of its colors and thoughtful placement of shadow and highlights, but also because of the detailed wine labels.

Doodle Winery – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

In case you’re looking for a more fun art print that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this wine art on canvas called “Doodle Winery” is the one for you. It has a teal shadowed background. The highlight is a white and black poodle balancing 2 glasses of wine on their snouts. Overexposed is the wording “Doodle Winery California”. It has an art-deco flair and would be a beautiful eye-catcher for a more modern home or bar.

Chateau Chambort On Wood – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Visiting a winery is always enchanting. The winery owners are usually very passionate about what they do and focused on creating one of the kinds of taste. Instead of showing a bottle of red wine or wine glasses, why not portray a beautiful winery like this art print entitled “Chateau Chambort on Wood”. This print appears to been painted on light wood. It shows a gray sketch of a French winery. It’s a beautiful villa surrounded by big trees. The wording in french suggests when this was drawn and where to find the winery.

A kitchen or a bar is only really finished when the final piece of art is hanging on the wall. Wine always embodies something special and elegant. There are so many different kinds of flavors and bodies. Your home should illustrate the same kind of uniqueness and this can be accomplished with a gorgeous wine art on canvas. I hope you found this list helpful in finding the right art piece for your bar and kitchen. Cheers!

Our Favorite Canvas Skylines

New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo are only three examples of iconic and beautiful cities. Cities often portray the idea of opportunities and change. If you’re unhappy with your current job or situation, there’s always the option to move to a bigger city. A new place where no one knows your name to start a completely new chapter in your journey. One thing that big cities have in common is their epic skylines.

An elegant and sophisticated way to upgrade your home is to choose canvas skylines to add some urban flair. You might have fallen in love with a city because you call it your home, you’ve spent an important part of your life there or because of a movie. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever visited or if you just like the atmosphere a city skyline embraces, a skyline art print might be just what you needed to finish decorating your home.

Brooklyn Bridge across the East River (Manhattan, New York City)
Source: iCanvas

Of course, we have to start with the most iconic U.S city: New York City. The big apple is famous across the world. This black and white print of the New York City skyline is classic and brings a metropolitan flair to any home. It would look amazing in a minimalistic bedroom or living room. It doesn’t matter if you more of Friends, How I Met Your Mother or Gossip Girl fan, everyone finds something to like about NYC.

Skyline at Night (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Source: iCanvas

This Chicago “Skyline at Night” print is a great way to combine some color with stylish photography. This skyline canvas shows Chicago in black and white. Its reflection on the water is shown in color. The colorful reflection shows the Chicago skyline by night through soft lights. This long rectangle-shaped canvas is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a print that doesn’t take over the whole wall.

Boston Panoramic Skyline Cityscape
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a more colorful print, then this Boston Panoramic canvas could be a more your taste. Boston has beautiful green spaces, amazing ice cream, and amazing museums. What’s not to love about Boston? This canvas print shows photography of the Boston Skyline during sunset. The light and edges of this print are very soft. The cityscape reflects on the water.

San Diego Panoramic Skyline
Source: iCanvas

Are you more a West Coast fan? Not all canvas skylines are near the ocean. The San Diego panoramic skyline however is. This print shows the city on the ocean at night. The photograph is in color and exudes the beautiful lights at night. San Diego combines the easy-going surfer lifestyle with urban city living. The lights of the buildings reflect on the ocean and draw beautiful and colorful strokes.

Chicago Panoramic Skyline
Source: iCanvas

This canvas shows another stunning shot of Chicago. It’s a more subtle skyline print. The photograph was taken during sunset. The sky is a beautiful mix of light purple and orange. The lights in the building are also appearing in a soft yellow-orange tone. The colors of this print are more similar. Even though Chicago is a big and busy city, this canvas radiates calmness.

Skyline, Seattle, Washington State, USA
Source: iCanvas

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? If so, you’ll recognize this skyline anywhere. This canvas of the Seattle skyline was taken when the sun went down. It’s Washington’s largest city and can be recognized instantly because of the iconic Space Needle. The buildings are all in brown and orange tones. The sky is a mix of orange and purple and you can even see Mount Rainier in the background.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA
Source: iCanvas

When thinking about amazing cities, the city by the Bay comes to mind right away. San Francisco is known worldwide because of its steep and winding roads. Nowadays, it’s also very famous due to its startup und tech culture. This photograph shows the San Francisco skyline as well as the bay bridge. It was taken during dusk or dawn. The print is beautifully divided into 3 parts. You can see the blue ocean, the San Francisco skyline behind the orange sun, and another stripe of blue sky.

Urban Skyline Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Source: iCanvas

This canvas entitled “Urban Skyline Boston” uses unexpected colors, usually not associated with a photograph of a skyline. It shows Boston in the evening. The lights are turned on in the buildings. The water in front of the skyline is a dark purple. The color of the sky is a beautiful mix of purple and pink. You can also see the moon shining. It’s a stunning Boston print to add a pop of color to your home.

Los Angeles Panoramic Skyline
Source: iCanvas

L.A: The city of angels. Los Angeles is the city built out of hopes and dreams. Many amazing movies were made here. Each year thousands of hopefull people travel to Los Angeles to become famous actors, actresses or models. This city just bursts of opportunities. Bring the city of flowers and sunshine to your home with this black and white canvas of the Los Angeles panoramic skyline.

Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Source: iCanvas

This stunning canvas print of the Chicago skyline is especially striking due to the colors used. The edges of the canvas are dark blue. This color softly transforms into a lighter blue and eventually a purple. This is reflected in both the top and bottom of the print. In the center the is Chicago skyline. It looks like it’s almost night. The lights are turned on in the buildings and reflect on Lake Michigan. The skyline is also the center of attention due to orange and yellow colors of the lights, which are in contrast to the purple and blue of the sky and water.

You can bring the vibes of urban living to your home through canvas skylines. No matter if you’re a fan of New York City, Chicago, Boston or San Francisco. There’s a beautiful canvas print for every city that is close to your heart. You can keep it classy and understated by choosing a black and white photograph of your favorite skyline. Alternatively, there are elegant canvas prints of city skylines in unexpected colors like purples and pinks. The photograph becomes especially atmospheric if it was taken during sunset. Enjoy a metropolitan city without the busy streets and exhausting traffic.

The Best Paintings For The Kitchen

Every room is perfectly decorated. You found the right furniture for the living room and even the carpet in the bedroom is exactly what you’ve imagined. There’s just one more thing you need to figure out to make everything come together. You need to find paintings for the kitchen.

The kitchen is no longer only a room where the food is prepared. It’s where the magic happens. It’s the place where friends and family come together to share a good meal and laughter. To make the kitchen feel like you the art you pick is just as important as the cabinet colors, plates or silverware. The possibilities for kitchen art is endless. You could choose photography, make others smile with funny art or showcase your love for certain beverages or food. We created this article to make the search a bit easier.

Antique Collection II
Source: iCanvas

If you want to design an elegant and minimalistic kitchen with little chi-chi and this canvas print could be the print you’ve been looking for. It shows antique silverware. The background is a rustic looking neutral light grey. The focus is on the alternating dessert forks and spoons. Even though it “just” shows silverware. The image looks very interesting due to the reflections on the spoons and forks.

Source: iCanvas

This clever print seems to have just jumped out of a dream. This kitchen art is entitled “Vitamin”. It’s the right title considering that it shows a high wheel bicycle where the wheels are exchanged with slices of oranges. The background is a neutral off-wite. The frame of the bicycle is black. The oranges add a beautiful pop of color. Warning: This might make you cave orange juice every morning.

Pretty Coffee Cups
Source: iCanvas

One beverage many of us love and can’t imagine living without is coffee. Declare your love with coffee with this canvas print called “Pretty Coffee Cups”. It shows twenty different coffee cups on a white background. All the cups are playfully designed with interesting batters such as stipes and polka dots. Some art super colorful while others are black and white. The print is as diverse as coffee itself.

A Wine Tasting
Source: iCanvas

Another beverage that is a staple in many households is wine. No matter if you prefer red wine or white wine or both, this art print “A Wine Tasting” shows both. This painting for the kitchen is a beautifully painted scene that transports you to Tuscany. It shows opened bottles of red and white wine, wine glasses, grapes, and cheeses. All of it is placed on a table somewhere in a wine country.

Cambell’s Soup Can Derezzed
Source: iCanvas

This art print called “Campbell’s Soup Can Derezzed” is a nod towards Andy Warhols famous Campbell Soup painting. It’s a more abstract version out of several little geometric forms. This art piece would look great in a modern or urban kitchen. The Campbell’s soup can is an item pretty much every American household recognizes.

Tuscan Evening Wine
Source: iCanvas

Take a moment to relax and have another sip of wine with this painting called “Tuscan Evening Wine”. It’s the perfect print for any kitchen where friends and family meet to socialize. The canvas shows a table filled with baguette, grapes, cheeses and red wine. It’s a chic print that makes us crave another European inspired dinner.

Source: iCanvas

An understated, yet striking print is this canvas. It’s called “coffee” and shows a french coffee press on a white background. While the concept seems simple, the print is everything but ordinary. The shape of the french press is filled out with patterns that remind of fine marble. It’s a beautiful way to express the different colors of coffee mixed with milk and a modern take on kitchen paintings.

Source: iCanvas

Are you looking for more modern and abstract paintings for your kitchen? Then this print called “Bottles” might be the right one. It shows outlines of bottles in bright colors such as orange, pink, red and blue. The bottles are not aligned next to each other. They’re not colored in. Instead, you can see drippings of the paint running from the bottom to top It’s a sophisticated colorful print that expresses your taste for modern art.

Fresh Eggs II
Source: iCanvas

Let’s go back to nature and focus on the basics. Every good breakfast includes fresh eggs. This canvas print with the title “Fresh Eggs II” reminds us to pick up some eggs during our next shopping trip. It shows a grey chicken In front of it are a light yellow, light blue, and white egg. The background is a light mix of light grey and blue. Overall the print has a softness that can elevate your kitchen while not being too loud. The canvas would look perfect in a farm style kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse I
Source: iCanvas

A great match for a rustic-inspired kitchen is this “Modern Farmhouse I” print. This art print shows five glass bottles with beautiful greenery and single flowers in them. It looks as if someone just grabbed these fresh flowers from their garden to be displayed in their kitchen. The colors look as if painted with watercolors and are on the neutral tone side with beiges, greys and soft greens.

No matter if you have a kitchen inspired by country farmhouse, cottage, contemporary, coastal, rustic or modern styles, you there are the right paintings for kitchens out there. Consider which charm you’d like the painting to display, if you’d like to pull everyone’s attention or if it should blend with the rest of the kitchen. Should it be more a general theme or do you want it to portray a food or beverage that you especially enjoy, like wine or coffee? Collect your notes of what the print should embody and start your search here.

Our Favorite Wall Art Featuring Multiple Panels

You decorated your home with the perfect pieces of furniture but one part of the room doesn’t look finished yet. There’s this big blank wall and you have no idea how to decorate it. What kind of wall decoration would tie everything together? You could create a gallery wall, but finding multiple unique images that look cohesive can be difficult. Instead, choose wall art made out of multiple panels to add a beautiful and sophisticated eye-catcher.

Multiple panels wall art comes in all kinds of sizes and in different art styles. Most of this type of wall decor comes divided into 3 panels. You can space them out to cover a big part of the wall. You can find wall art multiple panels in different styles, such as photography, watercolor or modern art. We searched the internet to find the most beautiful multiple panels art pieces.

Circulation – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This multiple canvas print entitled “Circulation” showcases a girl dreaming or thinking. She’s created out of gray outlines and colored in with different patterns and beautiful colors such as green, orange, yellow and pink. Her hair is especially spectacular and designed out of flower-like mandalas. Unlike most multiple panel canvases, the art print is vertical and would be a great choice for high walls.

Old World Map Blue – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The “Old World Map Blue” multiple canvas print is the perfect fit for those with wanderlust. The background is a dark navy blue and the world designed in a light neutral tone. This multiple panel canvas would look great in a study or a living room.

Rain’s Rustle II – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking to add an eye-catcher and a pop of color to your living room wall, then this canvas print is the perfect fit. “Rain’s Rustle” is a beautifully designed fall evening theme. It shows a couple walking during rain through a park. The colors resemble the warm yellows and oranges of fall and are created by thick brush strokes. The lights reflect on the streets and make this art piece very atmospheric.

Rain Clouds – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This canvas print is created out of 3 panels and unlike other entries of this list showcases a more abstract design. “Rain Clouds” combines natural colors of yellows, greys, and browns with pops of pinks and reds. This art print doesn’t follow a specific topic and could, therefore, be a great fit for any modern living room or bedroom.

Wall Street Bull Black & White – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Photography can often add a touch of a modern or urban feel to a room. This black white photography of the Wall Street Bull statue is no exception. It’s created out of 3 panels and expresses power. This canvas print would add instant sophistication in any professional’s living room. Since it’s created in black and white, it won’t take away too much attention from other pieces in your room.

Teal and Aqua Reflections #2 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This three-panel canvas print is called “Teal and Aqua Reflection #2”. It’s created with neutral colors as well as beautiful turquoises, blues, and teals. This art print would look great in any beach-front inspired or rustic interior homes. It’s not too noisy, but a chic addition to a plain blank wall. The design almost looks like the reflections of water and is designed with geometric shapes.

Gilded Map – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a large piece of art, that won’t be too colorful, this “Gilded Map” might be the right choice. The background is white with a rustic looking world map in neutral-toned colors. This art print would be a beautiful fit for a more simplistic designed home.

And Only – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“And Only” is a fun and exciting three panels canvas wall art. It shows a woman and a man kissing with the words “You and only me” written over it. It’s designed in a pop art style. However, unlike traditional pop art, the colors are not as loud. This art print is mostly greys and blacks, with pops of yellows and pinks. This canvas art would look great in a more modern or urban home.

New York City Skyline Window View – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Bring big city vibes to your home with the “New York City Skyline Window View”. This multiple panels canvas art is designed to look as if you’re viewing New York City out of a window. The design shows photography of the iconic skyline of the Big Apple. This canvas print would upgrade any living room and adds some urban flair.

Walking Shadow Hero I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re a fan of superheroes or if you’re looking for a new print for your little boy’s kids bedroom, then these three panels canvas print is the right fit. The panels are mostly off-white and beige. It shows a realistically designed little boy with a red cape. His shadow reflects the hero we all know: Superman. Superman is designed with geometric shapes in red, blue and yellow colors. It’s a beautiful print to inspire your kids as well as adults that are kids at heart.

When it comes to decorating a big blank wall, you have many options. Wall art created out of multiple panels is a unique way of decoration. Think about if you want the panels to be the main eye-catcher of the wall or if you just want some art to tie in with the rest of the interior. Choose the colors as well as the topic of the art print accordingly. We hope you got inspired by the above pieces of art and find the right design that fits your home.

10 Beautiful Canvas Paintings of Horses

Finding the right piece of art to transform a blank wall can be a daunting task. The wall art you choose pulls everything together, adds personality and finally makes you feel at home. One category of art that expresses serenity and beauty are canvas paintings of horses.

Horses stand for freedom, power, and grace. Horses symbolize the feeling of wilderness and no restraints. You can find various kinds of horse art from watercolor over photography to oil paintings. Instead of just choosing a horse poster, a canvas appears more sophisticated and will make a room feel more elegant. To make you search a little easier, our art curators created a list of their favorite pieces of horse canvas art.

Classical Horse – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This classical horse canvas art shows a white horse in neutral colors. The horse bows its head. This canvas print combines the wild nature of horses, portrayed by the darker colors, with their peaceful aura, which is expressed by the lighter and soft colors. It would be the perfect choice for a living room, bedroom or foyer. This horse art adds beauty to any room, without being too loud.

Wild Horses III – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This canvas painting of horses shows two wild white horses grazing in a field of flowers. The print is beautifully created with soft neutral colors, consisting of mostly whites and grays. The rose-colored flowers add a subtle pop of color. This rectangle canvas painting of horses would look great in a girls bedroom or living room. It communicates peacefulness while suggesting the possibility of traveling the vast American west.

Fierce Grace – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Instead of choosing a painted canvas, photography often adds some sophistication to any space. This black and white photography shows a wild horse. The horse turns away its head while the wild wind blows through its mane. This elegant horse print would be a great fit for a chic living room, bedroom or study. It’s an eye-catcher without taking attention away from other pieces of decor or furniture.

Shadow Light – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Nothing blends the charm of rustic design with south-western living better than this canvas print in wood optic and a wild horse. This neutral horse art shows a horse head in white outlines. The canvas looks as if it’s made out of wooden planks and the horse is designed in a subtle and soft look. If you’re looking for a piece of art to finalize your rustic-inspired home, this horse print would be a great choice.

Breaking Dawn Indian War Horse – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a horse print that expresses not only grace but also power and wilderness, this canvas might be just what you’ve been looking for. Unlike other entries in this list, this horse canvas painting is very colorful. It is called “Breaking Dawn” and shows an Indian War Horse. The print portrays a white horse with red paint around its eyes and feathers braided in its mane. The lights and shadows are depicted with beautiful oranges, reds, and blues.

Roaming The West – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The title of this canvas perfectly summarizes the print: “Roaming The West”. This art print shows wild horses running with their herd. The swift brushstrokes perfectly express the movement and depict a feeling of freedom. It’s created with neutral colors and combines darker and lighter colors beautifully.

Wild Waves – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The canvas print “Wild Waves” shows a herd of white horses emerging from a wave. It shows a serene beach and a breaching wave. Reminiscent of “The Last Unicorn”, white horses appear from the white foam of the wave. It’s a beautiful, colorful and peaceful canvas painting of horses. The artist chose a soft color palette to showcase the grace and power of horses. This would be a great eye-catcher for a beach-front inspired living room or bedroom.

Source of Life (Wild Horse) – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This canvas print titled “Source of Life” is a modern and almost abstract version of a horse print. The background has a rustic wooden appearance. The horse is portrayed as a white shape with a black mane and legs. It’s colored in with blue, red and orange spots of colors. The style is extended over the whole canvas. It’s a rustic and upbeat design perfect for urban lofts or urban-inspired living rooms.

Blazing The West – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Bring the vast endlessness of the western landscape to your living room or bedroom with this neutral-toned canvas print of horses. “Blazing The West” shows two horses facing the viewer. They’re beautifully painted with loose brushstrokes of whites and browns. This subtle piece of art is an elegant choice to showcase your love for horses or the western wilderness.

Wild – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A more modern an eclectic take on horse paintings can be found in this print entitled “Wild”. It shows a herd of horses racing towards the viewer. They’re painted in colorful colors of pinks, purples, blues, and yellows. The movement of the horses is enforced by the flow of the brushstrokes. It would be a beautiful choice for otherwise neutral homes and can make a plain white wall remarkable.

When choosing the right horse print for your home, it’s important to consider how prominent the art piece should be. Would you like it to tie in with the rest of the decor or furniture, then a neutral canvas print is preferred. If you’re searching for an eye-catcher that makes a wall feel less empty than a colorful horse canvas painting can add some charisma. No matter if you really like horses or are just looking for decor for your western-inspired interior, horse prints are a great way to bring grace and beauty to your home.

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