Where Can I Sell My Own Art?

So you have already done the easy part and created some nice pieces of art. Now comes the hard part. The question is where can I sell my own art?

Truth is, there are many places to sell your art; both online and off and some pay more than others but also may have more competitors too. However, you don’t have to limit marketing your art at one or two places; rather you can make it available at a variety of places to improve your chances of selling.

Most artists ask the same question, “Where Can I Sell My Own Art?” you will find the answers to this and more below.

1. Etsy

Etsy - Sell your handmade art

Etsy is one of the most popular sales platforms online, where you can sell your artwork and other creations. Things sold on Etsy include photographs, paintings, sculptures, and more. Some artists sell paintings for $20 where others may charge $1000 for their artwork. You can even make money by doing custom art on demand, where clients can let you know what they want and you can create it for them.

They are a globally unique and creative goods marketplace and home to a special universe of extraordinary items, from handcrafted unique pieces to vintage treasures. Etsy will help turn your ideas into a successful online business connecting you with not thousands, but millions of online buyers who seek something different to buy.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr - Become a freelancer artist

Fiverr has gotten more and more popular over the years, but don’t let the five fool you. People sell their work for much more than that if they want to and so can you. This seller should definitely be included in the places you make your artwork available online since it is among the more popular sites that many will go to when they want to purchase things like paintings, book covers, digital art, custom photographs, or other artwork.

You can sell your artwork with confidence on Fiverr as they offer payment protection that’s guaranteed, there are no hourly rates, you charge a fixed price for your work, and support is always available to answer your questions 24/7.

3. Zazzle

Zazzle sell your art

Zazzle is a great way to earn money by selling your artwork and other creations. Here you can have your very own artistic presence by opening your own store to sell your artwork online. Showcase your designs, share your profile, and build an online community of followers. You can interact with fans of your artwork, store unlimited designs, and sell whatever artwork you desire as well as set up your own store absolutely free with no strings attached.

Your imagination is at your fingertips with Zazzle. They give you the power and the tools to create anything you can imagine. Here you will find designers showcasing customizable products and other artists selling their artwork.

4. Artfinder

Artfinder - a site to sell your own art

This site is more focused on fine-art rather than commercial art. In order for you to sell your artwork here, you will have to go through an application approval process where you will be asked to submit photographs of your work to be reviewed, as well as answer some questions about yourself. Because the application process is much more thorough here than the other sites, you will have less competition and probably earn more profits.

There is a community of worldwide artists selling on Artfinder. Reach an audience of buyers across the globe while you control your store and prices, get performance stats, exclusive benefits, all the tools required to grow your business, and dedicated support absolutely free.

5. Saatchi Art

Saatchi - a platform to sell your own art

This online service is similar to the Artfinder program where you will be able to target clients who are in the market for fine arts, but the process of joining is not as difficult. Not only do they give you your own custom shop absolutely free, but they also pay the shipping fees for your orders. They only take a 30 percent commission from your sales and you keep the rest. Saatchi Art is a great choice for those looking to earn high dollar for their high-end artwork.

You choose when and how you prefer to be paid and they have support specialists who ensure that you are financially protected on your sales. Some of the payment methods they use are wire transfers, check, or PayPal. Joining and selling your stuff is free, they pay for your shipping on sales, and only collect 35 percent of your sales, you get the other 65 percent.

Other places to sell your art:

Farmers Market

Sell your art on local farmers marke

Your local farmers market could be a great and cost-effective way to share your art. Check what a stand would cost and get some feedback from potential customers in your neighborhood. A farmers market can help to get the word out.

Local Galleries

Try to sell your own art at galleries
Long narrow painting in an art exhibition

Ask local galleries in your area if it would be possible to showcase your artwork. Some might still have room for some new entries and would be happy to carry a local artist. This would give you the support and approval stamp from a gallery and expose your art to many people that enjoy and appreciate the arts.

Local Shops

Local shops to sell your own art

There might be a shop in your neighborhood that sells decor and handmade items like jewelry. Browse the catalog of local shops and ask the shop’s manager if it would be possible to include some of your art pieces in their inventory. Their current foot traffic might be your next sale.

Local Coffee Shops

Sell your own art at coffee shops

Some coffee shops offer to showcase your art. While others grab their morning bagel and coffee, they can see your art. Most of the times you already add a price for each of your pieces so customers can purchase it right away at the coffee shop.

Your Own Website

Sell your own art on your own website

The number one place to sell your art is on your own website. There are many low-cost website hosts that give you all the tools you will need to create your very own online gallery and store where you can publish your pieces of art and make them available for others to purchase.

Bluehost, WordPress, and Shopify are just some of the numerous website hosting services that are available to create your own website and showcase your art. The best thing about these sites are, you don’t even have to know how to code to set up your website as many have drag and drop programs that are fast and easy to use.

In Conclusion

You can sell art online at the places listed above, which are just a small fraction of the numerous places that are available for artists to sell their own art. Keep in mind that there is no limit to the places that you can sell your artwork, therefore, you should make your artwork available on as many different platforms as you can since this is a very effective strategy that makes sense as if one marketplace doesn’t locate buyers, another might. Exposure is what you will need when just starting out. Getting your name out there not only help get you known, but also helps you to gain a fan base of followers who will seek out your work.

Eugene Patterson

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