Where Can I Find Jobs For Artists?

Some of us have a natural artistic ability, many more of us do not. Those that do possess skills as an illustrator, animator, graphic artists, sculptor, painter or photographer often don’t know how to market their skills or find a job that enables them to use their skills. The goal of this article is to help you find work as a professional artist and to provide you with resources that may empower you to find new income streams through the sale of your original works.

There are many ways to find a job as an artist, the problem is, most people don’t know where to go to actually get paid for their amazing work.

How to Find a Job as an Artist:

One of the easiest routes to make a living as an artist is obtaining a degree in art and to go on to be an art teacher. Others may have a more difficult time.

If you’re asking yourself “Where can I find jobs for artists ?” here are some places to find jobs for artists:

Local Businesses

Many local businesses understand the need for visual marketing. This could mean anything from helping to design business cards, creating a logo, website illustrations to helping them craft advertising collateral to elevate their business. Many business owners don’t understand how much an artist can help their business until they see the finished product and discover new and different ways the artwork can help them market their business.


Publishers often need illustrators to create the artwork for their writers’ works as it is extremely rare that a writer illustrates their own books. Often these can be remote jobs for artists with the artwork created in the artist’s studio and sent to the publisher via dropbox or other software programs. Jobs working for a publishing company may include the development of cover artwork or a full array of illustrations on the front and back covers as well as inside illustrations.

Children’s Books Illustrations

children's book illustrator - a way to find a job for artists

Can you imagine “Where The Wild Things Are?” without the captivating illustrations? There is almost always a need for children’s books illustrators since most writers only craft the stories. With children’s books, the illustrations are what keeps the child’s attention, so it is critical to have visuals to go along with the copy. Typically, children’s book illustrators use soft, simple visuals for the very young and the images get increasingly more complex as the reader becomes more mature. In any case, there is an ongoing need for great artists within the children’s book marketplace.

TV Networks and the Broadcasting Industry

There is always a need for artists at TV networks and in broadcasting. Often news stories don’t have the right visual and something needs to be created to go along with the story. There is a wide array of jobs in this industry for not just illustrators but also photographers—who need to be on the scene to capture breaking news as well as musical artists to create background music to accompany TV shows.

Online Jobs for Artists

There are also many online jobs for artists and websites that list current jobs that are available on a project or freelance basis. Many artists find that they can make a very good living by being a freelance artist, graphic designer or photographer by accepting freelance jobs online.

Once an artist gets their work out there, they often begin getting referrals from happy customers. This can lead to a constant flow of projects from their cadre of clients.

Many online job sites will often ask the designer to post some of their work so prospective clients can review the artist’s style to determine if it is a good fit for their project.

Online job sites work with companies or individuals that need original artwork created. They will create an overview of what the job will entail and post a deadline. Artists can then review the criteria and accept jobs based on their particular skill set.

Some of the jobs for artists are posted on the following sites:

Art Wanted
99 Designs

Tried those already? Here are another 100 places for artist and designer jobs.

99 designs - site to find jobs for artists

With online jobs, the sites that you choose to work for will often critique your artwork as will the client after they have received the finished product. The better work you create, the higher your score and the more jobs you will receive. That said, it is critical that you post your best work to garner the highest score possible.

Marketing Firms

Good artists are always in demand in the advertising and public relations field. The importance of marketing is to get your product, service, and company in front of its’ target audience. This is done through advertising and public relations campaigns which rely on artwork to visually stimulate the intended audience.

Artists are often needed to develop a logo, help create a brand identity, design visuals for Web sites as well as create collateral material, direct mail pieces, and advertisements.

Marketing firms often have in-house artists on staff but may also use freelancers for special projects.

This is certainly a very good option for artists as when good work is created, it may lead to an ongoing stream of work and revenue.


Some people are born networkers, and some are not! Networking is a great way to get your name out and highlight your work. Each community, no matter how big or small have networking groups.

These may include:
Local Chambers of Commerce: These groups are typically made up of local business owners that get together to share information. They often bring in guest speakers and offer mentoring opportunities for new members.
Business Organizations: There are many types of business organizations such as the American Marketing Association, SCORE, National Association for Women Business Owners and many, many more. You can search online for a group that may fit with your skills or those that may have a need for creatives.
Local Non-Profit Organizations: While you may not realize it, giving back to the community and donating your time may introduce you to like-minded business owners that need your services.
Rotary Club International: A Rotary Club isn’t a business group but focuses on community service and leadership development. It can differ based on each community, but many local leaders say they gained their success as a small business owner based on their time spent being a member of the local Rotary. Again, it can introduce a new group to your skillset and perhaps result in some jobs.

Don’t Give Up:

If you’re an artist looking to gain work and elevate your income and wonder “Where can I find jobs for artists ?” get out there and meet people, go online to find jobs that fit your skillset and explore opportunities with publishing houses, TV networks and the local business community around you. All these segments need artwork of some type and you may be just the person they’re looking for.

Eugene Patterson

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