Unique Oversized Art For Your Walls

Are you having difficulty finding the right art for an impossibly big blank wall? Choosing the right piece of art to make your home look together can be tricky. It gets even more difficult if you need wall art that doesn’t look ridiculous in comparison to a large empty wall. In order to make this task easier, our art curators went out to find the best oversized art for walls.

Choosing an oversized canvas has a couple of advantages. It will make your wall look filled up. The art will look more intentionally and as if this canvas was meant to be hung on the wall right from the start. It’s also a great eye-catcher. For this list, we chose art prints in different art styles as well as prints of famous artists that already stood the test of time.

World Map Indigo – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The world is a big place and you need a large canvas to do it justice. This wold map is printed on a rustic looking neutral background. The map itself is printed ina beautiful indigo. It’s a great neutral canvas that would look beautiful in any modern, rustic or mid-century home. This oversized art print is the perfect fit for anyone that is longing to travel the world and it reminds of opportunities and freedom.

The Starry Night – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

One classic art piece that most people will recognize right away is “The Starry Night” from Van Gough. Bring a piece of the New York museum of modern art to your home with this iconic print. It’s created with short brush strokes to create a vibrant night sky above a little village. The blues and yellows are striking and would add an exquisite pop of color to an otherwise simplistic designed home.

Hush – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a very refined large canvas, then this print entitled “Hush” is the right one. The background is created with soft greys. A dynamic stroke of purple makes its way from one side of the canvas to the other. The color spreads softly to other parts of the print and creates a beautiful sense of movement. This print expresses elegance and intricacy. It would be a great choice for a modern and contemporary living room or bedroom.

The Great Wave at Kanagawa, 1829 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Another iconic entry in this list is “The Great Wave at Kanagawa” originally designed by Hokusai. It shows a large wave breaching on a stormy ocean over fishermen boats. It also shows a Mount Fuji in the background. The painting manages to find beauty in an otherwise dangerous scenario. The blue and white colors are a beautiful contrast to the neutral colored sky. Adding this large canvas to your home elevates your living room instantly.

Nighthawks, 1942 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“Nighthawks” by Edward Hopper is another very popular painting and an elegant choice for an urban and modern living room or bedroom. It showcases a scene at a diner late at night. The viewer spectates through the window of the diner. The urban structures of other buildings are also visible. The painting was originally created in oil and would be a sophisticated choice for a large empty wall.

The Garden of Earthly Delights 1504 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“The Garden of Earthly Delights” is a lot of things. Simplistic or minimalistic however is not one of them. This is a print of the oil painting created by Hieronymus Bosch. You can find a lot of symbolism in this oversized art for walls and it leaves much room for interpretations. The painting examines the problem of earthly temptations. If you’re looking for a painting that will hold your attention and that offers much to explore, then this canvas is right for you.

The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum
Source: iCanvas

Many large canvases are created to fit on horizontal walls. But what if you’re actually looking for a print that fills up a high vertical wall? In this case, this oversized canvas is a good choice. It’s another print of the famous Van Gogh: “The Cafe Terrace on the Place du Forum”. It showcases an evening scene in the French town of Arles. This canvas would be a tasteful and colorful addition to any modern home.

Two Step – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking to add a lot of color to an otherwise plain wall, then “Two Step” would be the right large canvas. The print has a white background. You can see the black silhouette of a couple and a dog under an umbrella. Instead of ordinary rain, it looks like colorful drops of water are falling from the skies. The color runs from the top to bottom of the canvas and creates a beautiful atmospheric rainbow. This print plays with the contrast between black and color and creates an climatic design.

Underwater Dream VI – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

In some cases, you don’t want a horizontal or a vertical canvas. Maybe you actually need an oversized square art print. If so, this “Underwater Dream VI” might be the right fit. This canvas has a neutral light grey background but it is anything but ordinary. It shows a large octopus in navy blue. Its tentacles and details are created in golden colors. The painting is truly spectacular and would be the right fit for a beachfront or nautical inspired home.

Shakin’ Jake – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Who doesn’t like dogs? Dogs are loyal and always cheerful. Their joy is thoroughly expressed in this large canvas print entitled “Shakin’ Jake”. The background is very colorful and even though most of it is created with just small brush strokes and no shapes, it gives a sense of space. It shows a golden retriever or a labrador retriever shaking off water. Its movement is expressed by the paint shooting across the canvas. This print is a stunning use of color and a gorgeous print for any living room.

Filling up a big empty blank wall can seem daunting. You want to find something that doesn’t seem out of place and that doesn’t get lost on the wall. Oversized art for walls is an excellent choice to not only tie your home together but also to showcase your identity and taste. Choose between modern, fun or abstract canvases. You can also pay tribute to some of the most famous artists of all time by selecting an iconic print. Don’t let large walls scare you. Instead, use it as a canvas of your own creativity.

Eugene Patterson

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