The Best Wine Art on Canvas Works

Changing up your wall art is a great, inexpensive and easy way to give your home a new vibe. We often think and search for the right art for our bedrooms and living rooms but one underserved room of the home is the kitchen. For many, it’s more than a place to just get the food done quickly and with many modern open-floor plans it’s without a doubt a major part of the home. One idea to add some elegance to the kitchen is to put up wine art on canvas to remind ourselves to relax and pause from time to time.

Wine has often the connotation of socializing, friendships and happiness. It tastes best when shared with a friend or after a long hard day. Wine definitely found its way in many homes some why not celebrate one the most popular beverages with a beautiful art print? You can find wine art in many styles like photography or in oil painting appearance. We searched the web for the most beautiful and elegant wine art and summarized them in this list.

Wine Sentiment VII – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“Wine Not Have Another?” is a very valid question, as this wine art on canvas asks. This print is simplistic and reminds us not to take life too seriously. The art print is mostly white with a golden bottle and wine glass on the left side and bold black lettering. It invites us to extend the evening and to celebrate the little things with a good friend. This wine print would look beautiful in a modern and minimalistic designed home.

Evening in Paris – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

One city that comes to mind when thinking about good wine is Paris. This wine print entitled “Evening in Paris” takes us directly to the city of love. Paris is full of beauty and elegance and so is this art print. It’s created in neutral tones and pops of red for the wine. Cursive and bold french lettering and words are overexposed on this modern art print. It would not only look great in a kitchen but would also be a good choice for a chic bar.

Wine & Cheese – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for sophisticated wine art on canvas then this print titled “Wine & Cheese” is the right one. The photograph shows as the title suggests three bottles of wine, 4 different kinds of cheese, fruits like grapes and pears as well as bread. It tempts us to take an evening off and to indulge some good European food and wine. Thie photography is in color and would be a great addition to classic Victorian-styled home.

Wine Selection II – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

For some homes, a more subtle wine print would be a better fit. This “Wine Selection II” canvas consists of just three colors: Black, light gray and a light beige. It shows the top parts of a wine bottle and two wine glasses as well as a corkscrew. The painting has a rustic feel to it. It’s a delicate way to showcase your love for wine without taking the attention away from other pieces of your home.

Tuscan Evening Wine – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A kitchen is a place where friends come together. It’s were sharing and joy starts. This painting called “Tuscan Evening Wine” expresses this notion. It’s a painting and shows a table filled with red wine, grapes, baguette, bread, and cheeses. This wine art on canvas is a good choice for a kitchen where friends gather or a rustic-inspired bar. It also reminds us to pick up another bottle of good Italian wine.

Vino Marsala – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re a wine connoisseur and wine collector, you know no two wines are the same. There’s something elevated and special about a freshly opened bottle of wine. A beautiful addition to your collection would be this muted wine print titled “Vino Marsala”. It shows seven bottles of wine on a gray-brown background. It has a feeling of an oil painting and brings some elegance to your home.

Vin O’Clock – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“Vin O’Clock” is a modern take on a wine print. This canvas has a neutral background with black outlined wine glasses. The focus is on a hand opening a bottle of wine. Only the black outline of the hands and bottle are visible. The style has a 19th-century flair while the way the design is printed feels very modern. A pop of color is added with light aqua strokes of color. This print is a good choice for a mid-century or modern kitchen.

Splendid Reds – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Everyone knows the feeling of entering a wine store and being amazed by the vast quantity of wine bottles from around the world. All these different origins, tastes, and combinations inspire for exploration. Carry this feeling of endless aroma home with this canvas print titled “Splendid Reds”. It shows a painting of several bottles of red wine placed needly next to each other on a reflective white shelf. The painting is not only striking because of its colors and thoughtful placement of shadow and highlights, but also because of the detailed wine labels.

Doodle Winery – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

In case you’re looking for a more fun art print that doesn’t take itself too seriously, this wine art on canvas called “Doodle Winery” is the one for you. It has a teal shadowed background. The highlight is a white and black poodle balancing 2 glasses of wine on their snouts. Overexposed is the wording “Doodle Winery California”. It has an art-deco flair and would be a beautiful eye-catcher for a more modern home or bar.

Chateau Chambort On Wood – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Visiting a winery is always enchanting. The winery owners are usually very passionate about what they do and focused on creating one of the kinds of taste. Instead of showing a bottle of red wine or wine glasses, why not portray a beautiful winery like this art print entitled “Chateau Chambort on Wood”. This print appears to been painted on light wood. It shows a gray sketch of a French winery. It’s a beautiful villa surrounded by big trees. The wording in french suggests when this was drawn and where to find the winery.

A kitchen or a bar is only really finished when the final piece of art is hanging on the wall. Wine always embodies something special and elegant. There are so many different kinds of flavors and bodies. Your home should illustrate the same kind of uniqueness and this can be accomplished with a gorgeous wine art on canvas. I hope you found this list helpful in finding the right art piece for your bar and kitchen. Cheers!

Eugene Patterson

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