The Best Paintings For The Kitchen

Every room is perfectly decorated. You found the right furniture for the living room and even the carpet in the bedroom is exactly what you’ve imagined. There’s just one more thing you need to figure out to make everything come together. You need to find paintings for the kitchen.

The kitchen is no longer only a room where the food is prepared. It’s where the magic happens. It’s the place where friends and family come together to share a good meal and laughter. To make the kitchen feel like you the art you pick is just as important as the cabinet colors, plates or silverware. The possibilities for kitchen art is endless. You could choose photography, make others smile with funny art or showcase your love for certain beverages or food. We created this article to make the search a bit easier.

Antique Collection II
Source: iCanvas

If you want to design an elegant and minimalistic kitchen with little chi-chi and this canvas print could be the print you’ve been looking for. It shows antique silverware. The background is a rustic looking neutral light grey. The focus is on the alternating dessert forks and spoons. Even though it “just” shows silverware. The image looks very interesting due to the reflections on the spoons and forks.

Source: iCanvas

This clever print seems to have just jumped out of a dream. This kitchen art is entitled “Vitamin”. It’s the right title considering that it shows a high wheel bicycle where the wheels are exchanged with slices of oranges. The background is a neutral off-wite. The frame of the bicycle is black. The oranges add a beautiful pop of color. Warning: This might make you cave orange juice every morning.

Pretty Coffee Cups
Source: iCanvas

One beverage many of us love and can’t imagine living without is coffee. Declare your love with coffee with this canvas print called “Pretty Coffee Cups”. It shows twenty different coffee cups on a white background. All the cups are playfully designed with interesting batters such as stipes and polka dots. Some art super colorful while others are black and white. The print is as diverse as coffee itself.

A Wine Tasting
Source: iCanvas

Another beverage that is a staple in many households is wine. No matter if you prefer red wine or white wine or both, this art print “A Wine Tasting” shows both. This painting for the kitchen is a beautifully painted scene that transports you to Tuscany. It shows opened bottles of red and white wine, wine glasses, grapes, and cheeses. All of it is placed on a table somewhere in a wine country.

Cambell’s Soup Can Derezzed
Source: iCanvas

This art print called “Campbell’s Soup Can Derezzed” is a nod towards Andy Warhols famous Campbell Soup painting. It’s a more abstract version out of several little geometric forms. This art piece would look great in a modern or urban kitchen. The Campbell’s soup can is an item pretty much every American household recognizes.

Tuscan Evening Wine
Source: iCanvas

Take a moment to relax and have another sip of wine with this painting called “Tuscan Evening Wine”. It’s the perfect print for any kitchen where friends and family meet to socialize. The canvas shows a table filled with baguette, grapes, cheeses and red wine. It’s a chic print that makes us crave another European inspired dinner.

Source: iCanvas

An understated, yet striking print is this canvas. It’s called “coffee” and shows a french coffee press on a white background. While the concept seems simple, the print is everything but ordinary. The shape of the french press is filled out with patterns that remind of fine marble. It’s a beautiful way to express the different colors of coffee mixed with milk and a modern take on kitchen paintings.

Source: iCanvas

Are you looking for more modern and abstract paintings for your kitchen? Then this print called “Bottles” might be the right one. It shows outlines of bottles in bright colors such as orange, pink, red and blue. The bottles are not aligned next to each other. They’re not colored in. Instead, you can see drippings of the paint running from the bottom to top It’s a sophisticated colorful print that expresses your taste for modern art.

Fresh Eggs II
Source: iCanvas

Let’s go back to nature and focus on the basics. Every good breakfast includes fresh eggs. This canvas print with the title “Fresh Eggs II” reminds us to pick up some eggs during our next shopping trip. It shows a grey chicken In front of it are a light yellow, light blue, and white egg. The background is a light mix of light grey and blue. Overall the print has a softness that can elevate your kitchen while not being too loud. The canvas would look perfect in a farm style kitchen.

Modern Farmhouse I
Source: iCanvas

A great match for a rustic-inspired kitchen is this “Modern Farmhouse I” print. This art print shows five glass bottles with beautiful greenery and single flowers in them. It looks as if someone just grabbed these fresh flowers from their garden to be displayed in their kitchen. The colors look as if painted with watercolors and are on the neutral tone side with beiges, greys and soft greens.

No matter if you have a kitchen inspired by country farmhouse, cottage, contemporary, coastal, rustic or modern styles, you there are the right paintings for kitchens out there. Consider which charm you’d like the painting to display, if you’d like to pull everyone’s attention or if it should blend with the rest of the kitchen. Should it be more a general theme or do you want it to portray a food or beverage that you especially enjoy, like wine or coffee? Collect your notes of what the print should embody and start your search here.

Eugene Patterson

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