Our Favorite Wall Art Featuring Multiple Panels

You decorated your home with the perfect pieces of furniture but one part of the room doesn’t look finished yet. There’s this big blank wall and you have no idea how to decorate it. What kind of wall decoration would tie everything together? You could create a gallery wall, but finding multiple unique images that look cohesive can be difficult. Instead, choose wall art made out of multiple panels to add a beautiful and sophisticated eye-catcher.

Multiple panels wall art comes in all kinds of sizes and in different art styles. Most of this type of wall decor comes divided into 3 panels. You can space them out to cover a big part of the wall. You can find wall art multiple panels in different styles, such as photography, watercolor or modern art. We searched the internet to find the most beautiful multiple panels art pieces.

Circulation – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This multiple canvas print entitled “Circulation” showcases a girl dreaming or thinking. She’s created out of gray outlines and colored in with different patterns and beautiful colors such as green, orange, yellow and pink. Her hair is especially spectacular and designed out of flower-like mandalas. Unlike most multiple panel canvases, the art print is vertical and would be a great choice for high walls.

Old World Map Blue – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The “Old World Map Blue” multiple canvas print is the perfect fit for those with wanderlust. The background is a dark navy blue and the world designed in a light neutral tone. This multiple panel canvas would look great in a study or a living room.

Rain’s Rustle II – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking to add an eye-catcher and a pop of color to your living room wall, then this canvas print is the perfect fit. “Rain’s Rustle” is a beautifully designed fall evening theme. It shows a couple walking during rain through a park. The colors resemble the warm yellows and oranges of fall and are created by thick brush strokes. The lights reflect on the streets and make this art piece very atmospheric.

Rain Clouds – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This canvas print is created out of 3 panels and unlike other entries of this list showcases a more abstract design. “Rain Clouds” combines natural colors of yellows, greys, and browns with pops of pinks and reds. This art print doesn’t follow a specific topic and could, therefore, be a great fit for any modern living room or bedroom.

Wall Street Bull Black & White – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Photography can often add a touch of a modern or urban feel to a room. This black white photography of the Wall Street Bull statue is no exception. It’s created out of 3 panels and expresses power. This canvas print would add instant sophistication in any professional’s living room. Since it’s created in black and white, it won’t take away too much attention from other pieces in your room.

Teal and Aqua Reflections #2 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This three-panel canvas print is called “Teal and Aqua Reflection #2”. It’s created with neutral colors as well as beautiful turquoises, blues, and teals. This art print would look great in any beach-front inspired or rustic interior homes. It’s not too noisy, but a chic addition to a plain blank wall. The design almost looks like the reflections of water and is designed with geometric shapes.

Gilded Map – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a large piece of art, that won’t be too colorful, this “Gilded Map” might be the right choice. The background is white with a rustic looking world map in neutral-toned colors. This art print would be a beautiful fit for a more simplistic designed home.

And Only – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

“And Only” is a fun and exciting three panels canvas wall art. It shows a woman and a man kissing with the words “You and only me” written over it. It’s designed in a pop art style. However, unlike traditional pop art, the colors are not as loud. This art print is mostly greys and blacks, with pops of yellows and pinks. This canvas art would look great in a more modern or urban home.

New York City Skyline Window View – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Bring big city vibes to your home with the “New York City Skyline Window View”. This multiple panels canvas art is designed to look as if you’re viewing New York City out of a window. The design shows photography of the iconic skyline of the Big Apple. This canvas print would upgrade any living room and adds some urban flair.

Walking Shadow Hero I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re a fan of superheroes or if you’re looking for a new print for your little boy’s kids bedroom, then these three panels canvas print is the right fit. The panels are mostly off-white and beige. It shows a realistically designed little boy with a red cape. His shadow reflects the hero we all know: Superman. Superman is designed with geometric shapes in red, blue and yellow colors. It’s a beautiful print to inspire your kids as well as adults that are kids at heart.

When it comes to decorating a big blank wall, you have many options. Wall art created out of multiple panels is a unique way of decoration. Think about if you want the panels to be the main eye-catcher of the wall or if you just want some art to tie in with the rest of the interior. Choose the colors as well as the topic of the art print accordingly. We hope you got inspired by the above pieces of art and find the right design that fits your home.

Eugene Patterson

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