Some Flowers on Canvas Paintings Loved By Our Community

Moving to a new place or changing up your current decoration is always exciting. It gives you the chance to try something new and possibilities for new beginnings. Especially empty walls have the potential to showcase your identity and your unique tastes. No matter if you’re looking for art that fits a smalls space or something that elevates your home: There’s the right print for any style or theme.

One way to bring allure to your home is to be inspired by nature. Nature paints the world in the most beautiful colors. Add some of these colors to your living room, bedroom or kitchen with flowers on canvas paintings. From simplistic flower prints over interpretations of famous artists to more abstract designs, the choices are endless. You can celebrate any season of the year with a beautiful print of flowers. We searched the web for the most stunning flower art pieces and compiled them in this blog article.

Sunset Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Flowers symbolize happiness, joy, and beauty. They’re in harmony with the rest of this world and remind us to take a moment to smell the flowers on the side of the road. This “Sunset” canvas print, showcases beautiful yellow-orange colored flowers. The light colors are in contrast to the neutral teal-colored background. It has almost a rustic feel to it that would look great in a modern living room.

Summer Floral V – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a more abstract version of a flower print, than this colorful canvas entitled “Summer Floral V” could be the right fit. The background is created from the different toned green leaves of the flowers. In the foreground are different kinds of colorful flowers. It’s a modern take of an otherwise straight forward theme. The oranges blues, reds, and yellows would be an elegant pop of color to an otherwise minimalistic designed room.

Water Lilies, 1916 – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

No article about floral prints would be complete without the master of water lilies paintings: Claude Monet. Claude Monet was a french impressionist painter. He expressed beautifully how the experiences nature in his many oil paintings of nature. One of his favorite scenes where the water lilies in his flower garden. This canvas invites to dream, to relax and to ponder about the artistry of nature.

White Geraniums – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Some interior styles, like minimalistic and simplistic homes, need more subtle prints. This canvas print called “White Geraniums”. shows as the title suggests, wite geraniums. The painting is an elegant symbiosis of soft-toned white browns and greens. The print has a very calming effect and suggests to stop for a second to breathe. These flowers are a soothing addition to our otherwise often hectic lives.

Anemones By The Lake I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A more expressive example of flowers on canvas paintings is this print with the title “Anemones By The Lake I “. While many prints choose a more neutral-toned background, this print is especially stunning due to its blue-toned base. The focus is on the white Anemones. The outlines aren’t completely defined and therefore crates a flowy connection to the background. You can easily imagine a lake where this scene originated from.

Bouqet Of Happiness – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Flowers are associated with positivity. When you receive a bouquet of flowers, you can’t help yourself but smile. This print, called “Bouqet of Happiness” represents this feeling. The background is created with thick colorful brush strokes of yellows, reds, and blues. the top is a bit darker and the bottom. The bouquet consists of vivid blue and white flowers. The painting is simply an explosion of beauty and happiness.

Iridescent Bloom I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Another symbol of flowers is purity. This canvas print is an example, that there’s a floral canvas for any kind of home. If you’re searching for a more simplistic and minimalistic canvas print, then this entry is a perfect choice. It shows a close up of a white flower. The flower is painted in different white tones with its center is a soft mix of purples and oranges.

Indigo Flowers I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A more modern and abstract example is this “Indigo Flowers I” canvas print. It’s created on a black background. The black is a nice choice to make the flowers pop more. The flowers, which are portrayed at different heights and sizes, are painted in different blues and whites. This would look very elegant on a white wall in a modern designed apartment or house. It will definitely draw the attention of anyone who visits your home.

Floral Jubilee I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

In case you’re looking for a color burst, that reminds us how extraordinary nature is, this Floral Jubilee I, might be exactly what you’re looking for. It’s a vertical canvas print and is designed to look like watercolors. The background is made out of different hues of blues and purples. The main focus is on a colorful bouquet of red, purple and yellow flowers. It’s a very vibrant print which is intensified by the splashes of color on top of the canvas.

Cherry Blossoms I – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The last canvas print, entitled “Cherry Blossoms I” takes us back to the graceful, calm and healing properties of flowers. This canvas print shows white cherry blossoms on a light grey colored background. It’s a simplistic and neutral-toned print that adds points of interests with gold-colored accents. Sometimes less is more and this piece of art is a good example of this philosophy. You don’t necessarily need a painting that is too loud to tie your home together beautifully.

Nature has been and still is the best artist. We find so much inspiration in nature. Show your appreciation for this world’s beauty by adding chic flowers on canvas paintings to your home. Flower prints look great in any room and are not just restricted to a bedroom or living room. There are also prints for any style. No matter if you designed your home in a rustic, minimalistic or modern theme.

Eugene Patterson

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