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New York City, San Francisco, and Tokyo are only three examples of iconic and beautiful cities. Cities often portray the idea of opportunities and change. If you’re unhappy with your current job or situation, there’s always the option to move to a bigger city. A new place where no one knows your name to start a completely new chapter in your journey. One thing that big cities have in common is their epic skylines.

An elegant and sophisticated way to upgrade your home is to choose canvas skylines to add some urban flair. You might have fallen in love with a city because you call it your home, you’ve spent an important part of your life there or because of a movie. It doesn’t matter if you’ve ever visited or if you just like the atmosphere a city skyline embraces, a skyline art print might be just what you needed to finish decorating your home.

Brooklyn Bridge across the East River (Manhattan, New York City)
Source: iCanvas

Of course, we have to start with the most iconic U.S city: New York City. The big apple is famous across the world. This black and white print of the New York City skyline is classic and brings a metropolitan flair to any home. It would look amazing in a minimalistic bedroom or living room. It doesn’t matter if you more of Friends, How I Met Your Mother or Gossip Girl fan, everyone finds something to like about NYC.

Skyline at Night (Chicago, Illinois, USA)
Source: iCanvas

This Chicago “Skyline at Night” print is a great way to combine some color with stylish photography. This skyline canvas shows Chicago in black and white. Its reflection on the water is shown in color. The colorful reflection shows the Chicago skyline by night through soft lights. This long rectangle-shaped canvas is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a print that doesn’t take over the whole wall.

Boston Panoramic Skyline Cityscape
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a more colorful print, then this Boston Panoramic canvas could be a more your taste. Boston has beautiful green spaces, amazing ice cream, and amazing museums. What’s not to love about Boston? This canvas print shows photography of the Boston Skyline during sunset. The light and edges of this print are very soft. The cityscape reflects on the water.

San Diego Panoramic Skyline
Source: iCanvas

Are you more a West Coast fan? Not all canvas skylines are near the ocean. The San Diego panoramic skyline however is. This print shows the city on the ocean at night. The photograph is in color and exudes the beautiful lights at night. San Diego combines the easy-going surfer lifestyle with urban city living. The lights of the buildings reflect on the ocean and draw beautiful and colorful strokes.

Chicago Panoramic Skyline
Source: iCanvas

This canvas shows another stunning shot of Chicago. It’s a more subtle skyline print. The photograph was taken during sunset. The sky is a beautiful mix of light purple and orange. The lights in the building are also appearing in a soft yellow-orange tone. The colors of this print are more similar. Even though Chicago is a big and busy city, this canvas radiates calmness.

Skyline, Seattle, Washington State, USA
Source: iCanvas

Any Grey’s Anatomy fans out there? If so, you’ll recognize this skyline anywhere. This canvas of the Seattle skyline was taken when the sun went down. It’s Washington’s largest city and can be recognized instantly because of the iconic Space Needle. The buildings are all in brown and orange tones. The sky is a mix of orange and purple and you can even see Mount Rainier in the background.

Bay Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA
Source: iCanvas

When thinking about amazing cities, the city by the Bay comes to mind right away. San Francisco is known worldwide because of its steep and winding roads. Nowadays, it’s also very famous due to its startup und tech culture. This photograph shows the San Francisco skyline as well as the bay bridge. It was taken during dusk or dawn. The print is beautifully divided into 3 parts. You can see the blue ocean, the San Francisco skyline behind the orange sun, and another stripe of blue sky.

Urban Skyline Boston, Massachusetts, USA
Source: iCanvas

This canvas entitled “Urban Skyline Boston” uses unexpected colors, usually not associated with a photograph of a skyline. It shows Boston in the evening. The lights are turned on in the buildings. The water in front of the skyline is a dark purple. The color of the sky is a beautiful mix of purple and pink. You can also see the moon shining. It’s a stunning Boston print to add a pop of color to your home.

Los Angeles Panoramic Skyline
Source: iCanvas

L.A: The city of angels. Los Angeles is the city built out of hopes and dreams. Many amazing movies were made here. Each year thousands of hopefull people travel to Los Angeles to become famous actors, actresses or models. This city just bursts of opportunities. Bring the city of flowers and sunshine to your home with this black and white canvas of the Los Angeles panoramic skyline.

Lake Michigan, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Source: iCanvas

This stunning canvas print of the Chicago skyline is especially striking due to the colors used. The edges of the canvas are dark blue. This color softly transforms into a lighter blue and eventually a purple. This is reflected in both the top and bottom of the print. In the center the is Chicago skyline. It looks like it’s almost night. The lights are turned on in the buildings and reflect on Lake Michigan. The skyline is also the center of attention due to orange and yellow colors of the lights, which are in contrast to the purple and blue of the sky and water.

You can bring the vibes of urban living to your home through canvas skylines. No matter if you’re a fan of New York City, Chicago, Boston or San Francisco. There’s a beautiful canvas print for every city that is close to your heart. You can keep it classy and understated by choosing a black and white photograph of your favorite skyline. Alternatively, there are elegant canvas prints of city skylines in unexpected colors like purples and pinks. The photograph becomes especially atmospheric if it was taken during sunset. Enjoy a metropolitan city without the busy streets and exhausting traffic.

Eugene Patterson

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