10 Beautiful Canvas Paintings of Horses

Finding the right piece of art to transform a blank wall can be a daunting task. The wall art you choose pulls everything together, adds personality and finally makes you feel at home. One category of art that expresses serenity and beauty are canvas paintings of horses.

Horses stand for freedom, power, and grace. Horses symbolize the feeling of wilderness and no restraints. You can find various kinds of horse art from watercolor over photography to oil paintings. Instead of just choosing a horse poster, a canvas appears more sophisticated and will make a room feel more elegant. To make you search a little easier, our art curators created a list of their favorite pieces of horse canvas art.

Classical Horse – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This classical horse canvas art shows a white horse in neutral colors. The horse bows its head. This canvas print combines the wild nature of horses, portrayed by the darker colors, with their peaceful aura, which is expressed by the lighter and soft colors. It would be the perfect choice for a living room, bedroom or foyer. This horse art adds beauty to any room, without being too loud.

Wild Horses III – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This canvas painting of horses shows two wild white horses grazing in a field of flowers. The print is beautifully created with soft neutral colors, consisting of mostly whites and grays. The rose-colored flowers add a subtle pop of color. This rectangle canvas painting of horses would look great in a girls bedroom or living room. It communicates peacefulness while suggesting the possibility of traveling the vast American west.

Fierce Grace – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Instead of choosing a painted canvas, photography often adds some sophistication to any space. This black and white photography shows a wild horse. The horse turns away its head while the wild wind blows through its mane. This elegant horse print would be a great fit for a chic living room, bedroom or study. It’s an eye-catcher without taking attention away from other pieces of decor or furniture.

Shadow Light – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Nothing blends the charm of rustic design with south-western living better than this canvas print in wood optic and a wild horse. This neutral horse art shows a horse head in white outlines. The canvas looks as if it’s made out of wooden planks and the horse is designed in a subtle and soft look. If you’re looking for a piece of art to finalize your rustic-inspired home, this horse print would be a great choice.

Breaking Dawn Indian War Horse – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

If you’re looking for a horse print that expresses not only grace but also power and wilderness, this canvas might be just what you’ve been looking for. Unlike other entries in this list, this horse canvas painting is very colorful. It is called “Breaking Dawn” and shows an Indian War Horse. The print portrays a white horse with red paint around its eyes and feathers braided in its mane. The lights and shadows are depicted with beautiful oranges, reds, and blues.

Roaming The West – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The title of this canvas perfectly summarizes the print: “Roaming The West”. This art print shows wild horses running with their herd. The swift brushstrokes perfectly express the movement and depict a feeling of freedom. It’s created with neutral colors and combines darker and lighter colors beautifully.

Wild Waves – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

The canvas print “Wild Waves” shows a herd of white horses emerging from a wave. It shows a serene beach and a breaching wave. Reminiscent of “The Last Unicorn”, white horses appear from the white foam of the wave. It’s a beautiful, colorful and peaceful canvas painting of horses. The artist chose a soft color palette to showcase the grace and power of horses. This would be a great eye-catcher for a beach-front inspired living room or bedroom.

Source of Life (Wild Horse) – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

This canvas print titled “Source of Life” is a modern and almost abstract version of a horse print. The background has a rustic wooden appearance. The horse is portrayed as a white shape with a black mane and legs. It’s colored in with blue, red and orange spots of colors. The style is extended over the whole canvas. It’s a rustic and upbeat design perfect for urban lofts or urban-inspired living rooms.

Blazing The West – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

Bring the vast endlessness of the western landscape to your living room or bedroom with this neutral-toned canvas print of horses. “Blazing The West” shows two horses facing the viewer. They’re beautifully painted with loose brushstrokes of whites and browns. This subtle piece of art is an elegant choice to showcase your love for horses or the western wilderness.

Wild – Canvas Print
Source: iCanvas

A more modern an eclectic take on horse paintings can be found in this print entitled “Wild”. It shows a herd of horses racing towards the viewer. They’re painted in colorful colors of pinks, purples, blues, and yellows. The movement of the horses is enforced by the flow of the brushstrokes. It would be a beautiful choice for otherwise neutral homes and can make a plain white wall remarkable.

When choosing the right horse print for your home, it’s important to consider how prominent the art piece should be. Would you like it to tie in with the rest of the decor or furniture, then a neutral canvas print is preferred. If you’re searching for an eye-catcher that makes a wall feel less empty than a colorful horse canvas painting can add some charisma. No matter if you really like horses or are just looking for decor for your western-inspired interior, horse prints are a great way to bring grace and beauty to your home.

Eugene Patterson

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